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Chaos Magick and Luciferism
by Michael Ford

     Confusion is the result of a system of failure. In order to build and proceed into any useful areas one must be willing to strip away belief that have been programmed since birth. We all have this challenge, as within modern society this is a consistent and often reoccurring problem. When Peter Carroll, Ray Sherwin and others began working with something they would later call, Chaos Magic, the potential they continued from what Aleister Crowley and Austin Spare developed was so bright it was often overlooked. Austin Spare in undoubtedly the grand father of Chaos Magic, while he had no idea at the time of his magickal importance. During the 80’s a re-publishing awakening of material by Spare was on the upswing, remaining from such publishers from the 70’s like 93 Publishing, who issued several important pieces of Spare’s work along with numerous titles from Aleister Crowley. Christopher Bray, the owner of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice bookshop spearheaded the resurgence of Spare in the early 80’s with “The Collected Works of Austin Osman Spare”, which gave a seminal kick in the pants to many individuals who were looking for new ways within Magick to explore and exceed.

     Chaos Magick today essentially is a system derived from many individuals, formed into a new method of sorcery. Chaos Magick is a TOOL, not a structure. Many techniques and traditions are brought into this effective form of sorcery yet anything at anytime can be changed, altered or more or less “form fitted” to achieve the results desired.

     Chaos Magick is formed from many traditions, in the current age it seems almost perfect. There is nothing which would be denied or ignored due to dogma. The system of Chaos implements the foundation of change and progression. While the foundations of Chaos are within the components of Aleister Crowley (who might have been a chaos magician himself), Austin Osman Spare and Macgregor Mathers (default for the Golden Dawn and his various translations of manuscripts) Chaos has spawned from the information these individuals have unknowingly given. It was later when Peter Carroll, Ray Sherwin and Christopher Bray took up the various magical traditions and ran with them, did Chaos Magick form from the proverbial ashes.

     Chaos Magick is not a system within itself. “It” is actually a definition of action, course of study and a non-lineal way of looking at the subjective universe. Everything can be changed, altered and will to become something else. If you are sure it won’t happen, it probably will and can. Chaos Magick can be as dangerous as it is beneficial. It demands a mind which is able to understand the fragile nature of being what is known as “I” and what our potential of growth is. “It” also demands one to “Know thyself”.

     Many misunderstand Chaos Magick as being “dogmatic” when this could not be further from the truth, if “truth” can even apply in our world. Chaos Magick demands, pushes, threatens and makes ones own individual Will come forth. It is most beneficial to the Holy Guardian Angel, and causes the two aspects known the HGA and the Evil Genius to rage incessantly, the energy of the universe is your to command and shape if you have the Will.

     The concepts of free belief are perhaps the most Luciferian in the nature of individual process, understanding and application. Free belief however is not so easy to practice. It demands constant change and a mental discipline to deny conformity and comfort of associated, lineal belief. Spare was himself knowledgeable on the very subject of free belief, anything could flesh with one practicing such concepts. Associate, Will, Manifest and disassociate.

     To freely dive into a particular concept and absorb it within your subconscious. This activates the very part of your brain which Crowley spoke about in the Goetia. The brain is stimulated by the specific association and enables a new action to occur. Associate charges the belief with the energy necessary to create “life”, the elemental or servitor itself. You must “believe” it is possible for such to incarnate.

The core of all magickal practice and the very brain of Luciferian thought. The Will is the seat of all libidinous desire and manifestation of action.

By the combination of association and will can something be “enfleshed” or made manifest. This can be anything material you seek, or spiritual. One may attain a new job, friend or perhaps even Magickal growth. The possibilities are endless.

When your Will is sated, you disassociate and close your mind from the original belief, To learn and grow through another path. One should specifically avoid any personal relationships within this manner, which could lead to schizophrenic behavior and make many upset with your actions.

     Ray Sherwin, in his magnificent “The Book of Results” he summed the basic root of the above subject in the following:

     “In the event that I do not believe it is possible I succumb to my present level of performance, denying myself the option of functioning at capacity by not recognizing that belief is arbitrary and that I can change my beliefs as readily as I change my shoes.”

     The current state of chaos magick in the present time has only maneuvered to some certain state due to lack of imagination and vision. Chaos Magick is an egocentric ideology that has no specific doctrine or form. Lack of dogma can often lead to emptiness of concepts and then the boat literally runs aground. Chaos Magick must be defined in a certain context in order to re-awaken the luminous possibilities contained therein.

     Austin Osman Spare was the founder of what is today Chaos Magick. His study and practice of Magick developed early on and was later subject to formal training with Aleister Crowley. Spare understood the importance of ritual and ceremony yet at the same time found it repulsive and idiotic. However, by viewing Spare’s paintings and pastels one is able to understand his appreciative attitude towards ceremony.

     Austin Spare’s developments began essentially with Earth Inferno, but reached no ground on Sorcery until the atavism of remembrance manifested through his meeting with Crowley. Spare began work on “The Book of Pleasure” and it’s concepts in 1909. While not completed and published until 1913 he developed immensely during this period. The activated psychic censor Spare was so famous for began to awaken and develop during this period.

     Austin was well versed in classical grimoires such as Grimoirium Verum, The Grand Grimoire, Abramelin the Mage and various works by Levi and Agrippa. Spare developed his Alphabet of Desire from these formulas, something that was groundbreaking and lesser understood by his peers.

     Spare, just as Crowley, wanted to usher forth a new magickal system. As Aleister sought Ceremony and beautiful ritual as his own means, Spare’s doctrine of the Alphabet of Desire and death posture brought the same effect. The Holy Guardian Angel within each individual could be brought to the surface for communication. Spare’s concept of underneath the conscious make up of the individual was the all awakened subconscious, capable of anything opened for thinking. Both created something amazing which threw the doors towards magickal exploration and progression wide open. No longer would understanding be damned to the old, yet those of the new flesh could be awakened towards their own desire. The concepts of Kia and ‘Neither-Neither’ could now be explored and absorbed. For Spare Aleister Crowley’s dogma of Thelema (which through further study and practice proves there is very little dogma in Thelema) was too limiting for his own needs. Independent and proud, Austin was not willing to accept Aleister’s concepts in whole. The inner drive or True Will insisted different. Aos would not ignore this call and sought the means of enfleshing his ideas.

     Austin Osman Spare was in complete understanding of the focus of mind and how all magickal acts stem from the brain primarily. The secret ascent towards Godhood (Lucifer) is based within the concept of Will, Desire and Belief.

“Self truth results from the unification of Will, Desire and Belief forced into one thing. By this affectiveness the soul draws near and casts its omniscience over us by inspiration.” Aos – The Logomachy of Zos

     Spare comprehended the significance of the three united by focus from which nearly any magickal act was possible. Gnosis is a state of closing but is fully aligned with the object or system sought. A gnosis state is possible to manifest desires through sigil methods outlined in The Book of Pleasure and briefly outlined here.

     The importance of Sigils is that such can be any pertinent method of envisioning. Sigils can be letters, signs or symbols. Sigils can also be something, which cause a matter of focus for the mind. To invariably forget and absorb the ideas sought.

     Personally, I have used musick (the act of creating) as various sigils, art (much contact and initiation with spiritual and mental forces have been through art as paintings, drawings and the like). Through Musick sigils can be crafted because due to sonic structures, the idea of what the sigil is can actually be forgotten and buried in the mind. This allows the subconscious to go through the methods of enfleshing the desire. The tones and actual sound of the musick can cause the individual to forget the meaning and the sigilized musick form, all the while causing the brain to dissect, understand and react to the sigil on a subconscious level, guides along the mind. Sleeping invokes a reaction to sound as well, depending on the purpose and focus and if replayed while dreaming increases unconscious awareness of sound vs. wish.

     Spare used sigils as mentioned before, developed from Agrippa and various grimoires of the middle ages. As explained in the Book of Pleasure, Spare gives us a clear outline of the effects of sigil methods in action:

“By projecting the consciousness into one part, sensation not being manifold becomes intensified. By the abstention of desire, except in the object, this is attained (at the psychological time this determines itself” Aos-The Book of Pleasure

     Sigils may be constructed through several methods as the following;

      1. letter manipulations, from Arabic, Greek or otherwise.
      2. paintings and other abstractions of sight through art.
      3. musick and the creative act of sound production.
     Letter manipulations can be a useful method of enfleshing desires, creating servitors or elementals or to cast hexes or witch-spells. The medieval system of Magic and invocation used sigils in this form extensively and almost exclusively. This can be found in various grimoires from The Grimorium Verum to Abramelin the Mage. The demons, angels and other spirits are bound and called by their symbols and signs, from which they may be understood and communicated with via ritual and syntax. The Medieval systems only understood demons as exterior while beginning with Spare and Crowley proved that they are primarily interior looking outwards, our greatest and worst of selves hidden and buried. Aleister Crowley’s edited Goetia provides the ideal for this theory and how it may be sought and understood to align the mind to scientific ideal: Cause and effect.

     Many letters representing the Will of the sorcerer may be changed and altered by redrawing and writing the letters to form one or several specific symbols that by this time are unknown in meaning just by viewing them.

     Paintings and art are ideal for other types of sigils. Many seem to overlook this. One may approach the written letters and other manipulations with images drawn, painted or drafted with the idea they are seeking to make manifest. One of the specific suggestions is art such as paintings of a particular God or Goddess. This image, while focused upon brings the mind to an alliance with the images, creating the gods or goddesses within the sorcerers’ own mind. Make reference to Peter Carroll’s comment in my “Book of the Witch Moon”: “Create your Gods with care, for they will reform you in their own image.”

     Carroll himself, while not distinctly Left Hand Path or Luciferian, is an adept of quite colorful work. The staunch and focused Liber Null (Weiser) addresses the nature of Evocation as:

“the art of dealing with magical beings or entities by various acts which create or contact them and allow one to conjure and command them with pacts and exorcism. These beings have a legion of names drawn from the demonology of many cultures: elementals, familiars, incubi, succubi, bud-wills, demons, automata , atavisms, wraiths, spirits and so on.”

     Carroll broke down the facets and avenues of various cultures integrated within occultism and delivered a concise definition-such is a must for any student.

     Musick may be created in the same instance, knowing the concept while recording various sound waves and tones. Over a period of time the original meaning may become lost or buried, while later being activated through the replaying of the sound. The same can be true for those just hearing the sounds for the first time. Several experiments have led me to the conclusion that certain avenues of musickal creation, depending on the tones and tempo approach, will led the listener to assume something, to invariably come into contact with the demon or angel in question. This is activated by his/her subconscious alone, and is even more so on Governmental levels. Science and government have used many of these methods long ago to uncertain ends.

     Chaos Magick teaches the individual the price of knowledge, and the pleasure of seeking the hidden light of Prometheus. The rise of Godhood through many of the chaos magick methods is only strengthened by the practice of discipline as well. Sharp focuses of developed mental strength through such techniques developed in the western world by Aleister Crowley only prove the initial discussion of will and focus.

     God itself is not understanding of any of us; in fact it seeks to devour our beings at any given chance. God as we know it is the ultimate vampire, the force behind Choronzon. Lucifer understood this and decided, as many of us later, to destroy the order that was and seek the very light of the vampire god. Lucifer was not seeking to dethrone this devouring spirit, but to gain its essence (which is inherent in the Morning Star) and seek a light in another area of understanding. Lucifer sought to free humanity from its sheep condition, all the while fought by the anthropomorphic-created God. God is chaos invariably and Lucifer sought to manipulate this power, which the Morning Star has done successfully. The Watchers and the Nephilim understood this fact clearly and so did their Will in the same fashion.

     The Sabbatic bloodline of those descended from fallen angels is present clearly in this age, equaled with those who were spiritual heirs as well. The craft taught by the fallen angels is further outlined in my “The Book of the Witch Moon”, which further introduces what can be considered disciplined chaos sorcery.

     The methods of Chaos Magick are based within the theories of the universe being subject to those who may open and use the mind on numerous levels. The effects of the earth are reactions to theories and ideas enfleshed. Magick is nothing but a science of the mind. It is our psychic connection between the universe surrounding the casual world and us. The language of the fallen angels and those who would seek the Promethean Light of knowledge and wisdom is inherent also within us. It must be understood that chaos magick is not a form of magick specifically; it is open to possibilities. One may assume the doctrine of Thelema but practice both witchcraft and Rune magick. The potentials are never ending. Any combination may be used only if it is perfectly suitable to the individual developing it.

     The quote used by Aleister Crowley and many chaos magicians is “Nothing is True, everything is permitted”; this is attributed to Hassan I Sabbah. Hasan bin Sabah (perhaps a more accurate spelling) is the historical figure that was called “The Old Man of the Mountains”. This Ishmaelite lived during the late eleventh century and was feared from the regions of the Middle East to Europe.

     This Luciferian individual, who studied with the Astrologer Omar Khayyam at the University of Nishapur, was trained with various languages and techniques of war and survival. Later on in life Hassan overtook the Eagles Nest that is also called Alamut. Located on the southern shore of the Caspian Sea around the Elburz Mountain range, Sabbah established a fanatical power base that was soon feared throughout the region.

     Hassan I Sabbah’s faith seemed to be a Gnostic dualistic similar to Islam in a Manicheism ideal. The religious head or what is called Imam is a personal representative to God itself. Only through this Imam will one be able to journey to God. In Western definitions, this concept is similar to the Pope.

     Sabbah was not only able to raise a number estimated at several thousand fanatic followers, called the Assassins from their ritual use of Hashish, which was said to make them suggestive to Hassan I Sabbah’s claims that Alamut was indeed heaven and not a stark and cold tower or desert desolation. This drug, administered carefully, was able to create a strong link with the metal facilities of the individuals, until they were mentally and physically ready to kill for Imam.

     Hassan I Sabbah instilled in his followers a sense of freedom, yet with at an equal end the undying determination to serve and die for this individual. The Luciferian component to the Old Man of the Mountains is based within the concept of his silent yet effective rule. He presented extreme ideals, not willing to surrender to what seems to be more powerful forces; to not only survive but to succeed beyond his original ideas.

     Luciferic Magickians understand the usefulness of expanding the mind beyond dogma; to reach beyond what is commonly understood as accepted and to tear it to shreds, piss on it and smile while doing so. To reach to the heart or essence and reform it as you would so desire. This is the Luciferian principle of Chaos Magick. To seek, understand and form to your ever-developing system.

     “I am the power of my desire (ID)” – Aos

     All energy sources, which are altered or changed through Magick and Sorcery all emanate initially from the self. The essence of Godhood begins and ends within the self, as it is known and not known from the individual. Magick is a guidance factor in the development of man and woman to God itself, or as Albert Pike would say, LUCIFER. In our search for magickal power and the light of the Qabalistic Ain Soph, we seek Lucifer within us. We invariably become the Morning Star through invocation, Will and determination. The Luciferian concept of Self Godhood emerges from the hidden god within us all. This does involve the initial working of the Bornless One ritual developed by Aleister Crowley but also several other workings.

     “The law of the Great ID: To trespass all laws”-Aos

     Chaos Magick invites individuals to use, develop and create as many cross systems as possible. The unity is crucial towards development and the understanding of Magick as we know it. In this defining concept, the understanding of discipline is sometimes lost. Discipline is the most important factor of Magickal training, even within Sorcery and Witchcraft. The mind and body must be in fine tuned shape for the rigors of the Left Hand Path and it’s possibilities towards the light of Lucifer or Adonai (the hidden self, associated with God or the source of light).

     The Illuminates of Thanateros has some very strong initiates within their ranks at many points, one being the Austrian former lodge, “Temple Pleasuredome” which operated from 1988 until 1990 when Temple founder Michael DeWitt was excommunicated due to his support for Peter Carroll in the infamous Ice Magick Wars. The Ice Magick wars are detailed in other Chaos Magick volumes and will not be discussed here.

Michael DeWitt, aka Anon 359 has long been an innovator in the Austrian Magickal scene, and for that matter even beyond it. His work with the publishing house Edition Ananael and past musical endeavors from Zero Kama and his art work today proves this. Dewitt had a number of very powerful and dangerous rituals, for which I will only describe in parts here to present the Luciferian aspects of this foundation of self-alchemy and evolution.

     DeWitt became a Neophyte in the IOT in 1988, taking the title Frater Anon 359. He then began translating a number of Peter Carroll’s works in German and pushed forward with his own “Temple Pleasuredome”. Much of the workings of Temple Pleasuredome were focused on Spare’s Zos Kia Cultus and an uncompromising focus of Magick which led others to call him a “Gnostic Extremist”.

     Many of the rituals implemented by Anon 359 prove a barrier to many of the would be “chaos magicians” and those who actually DO magick, the difference is astonishing and sobering. A significant banishing ritual employed by Anon is called “The Quadriga Sexualis Banishing Ritual” and is focused on achieving a point of complete control based within the conscious mind. The Quadriga Sexualis is considered roughly the “four horsemen of sex”, being that these are four elements of building, focusing and releasing this powerful force of Promethean Fire-the Mind and Will united by dissolution of opposites. Kia itself seeks the necessary manifestation by the act of love, considering it seems to incarnate or flow backwards. This can be viewed as an initiation resembling what has been described in my “Book of the Witch Moon” as the Osculum Infame, or Kiss of Shame. The Devil itself, resembling the O can achieve autoerotic intercourse with the combination of Z, meaning inverse intercourse with the Devil – The very act of creation.

     “The Rite of Thanatos vel Babalon”, as developed by Michael DeWitt is one of the most powerful descriptions of the essence of BABALON that could be described. The ritual itself is opened with “The Quadriga Sexualis Banishing Ritual” and leads into the invoking of the force of darkness. The temple itself would be decorated in images of death, skulls and bones and a large black coffin in which one of the female magicians would be laying. It begins with the Priest of Thanatos invoking: “Now listen to the voice of Thanatos known to men as the face of Death, whom they worship with howling and shattering teeth”. All the while a funerary drum beats and calls forth the dead. Soon, the congregation throws human bones and grave soil within the coffin, which is soon closed.

     The celebrants then meditate on among other things, their own death, and understanding that physical death is a natural function of life. BABALON emerges then from the coffin and then announces herself incarnate. This sigil of BABALON would be between the priestess breasts, being revealed when she tears the grave shroud off. BABALON will now take a human skull bowl filled with blood and chant the dedication to her manifestation. The blood is then poured over herself in ecstasy with the celebrates, affected by the wild drumming do as they will. The entire ritual is closed with the Quadriga Sexualis Banishing ritual, invoking the forces of Light.

     It is clear that DeWitt was a seeming master of what Magick essentially is, taking control of the self in its many form and advance each with techniques that shake the essence of belief and the mind. DeWitt’s magickal workings, as I have briefly described, are as effective as Carroll’s and Sherwin’s, considering a slightly darker approach than the former mentioned two. This is perhaps one of the few ways to seek to open the doors of the human spirit and raise it towards the Light of Lucifer, the next step in the advancement of the soul.

     Chaos Magick is perhaps the most beneficial system of sorcery which has been labeled as something erratic as “chaos magic”. The system known as Chaos Magick allows the individual who dives the depths of his or her mind and assemble, through various means, a system unique to the person creating it. Chaos is a beautiful friend, which often throws random lightning bolts, is nonetheless always beside you when you go to sleep at night.

     It should be considered fair game to dash through the darkness of the night, to understand and explore the very foundations of the demonic and the angelic, as above, so below…
While the Luciferian gnosis is highly approachable through the systems of what is considered chaos magick, the form of the astral body allows a severance of eventual worldly bonds. This allows the Luciferian Adept to take her or his fill of worldly pleasure and eventually ascend astral in the light of Lucifer, as an “Undead” God or completely remain within the Astral plane.

     One would seek to understand the place of the Holy Guardian Angel and the Evil Genius at this level, in the shedding of flesh could it be considered a part of each is severed and a great union may be achieved, from which the conscious becomes aligned with the subconscious. Could this be death itself, Another level of waking through the web of dreams?

     What ever the result may be, a formidable individual is formed from the Chaos current, while many fail over time there are those who are able to transpose their current idea of self and become something far more interesting to their particular life.

     The specific union of various systems of magickal practice is important to those who may seek to unite various cultures. The Buddhist system, or perhaps more detailed in mentioning the ancient Bon Po practice of Chud, presents the Luciferian Gnosis in its Holy State, what is called complete union with the HGA (Holy Guardian Angel). The activity of severing the ego, becoming beyond that and leaving the physical world is achieved via trance and the use of Human Bones as ritual tools. This represents that we are temporary and life ends, and that the spiritual paths may be ascended through desire and gnosis.

     Lucifer is essentially the God of the Air, or the Astral Plane. The Luciferic powers are keys into the separation of the spiritual from the material, even though the Luciferian may remain earth bound for some time. It is speculated that eventually something as this may grow boring and it would be time for the spirit to remain and move further into the astral.

     The tools of Chaos Magick are specifically anything which one would utilize to achieve her or his goal, the results being designed to correspond with the means. Union through opposites essentially is the key, proving the direct descendent of Aleister Crowley highly commendable Thelema system, or 93 current.

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