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Butterflies, God and Your Will:
a short essay on the demystification of Magick
by fnordboy

Magick for far too long has been shrouded in mystery. All encompassing power isn't found in ancient, indecipherable grimoires, nor is it found on the bookshelves of Barnes and Noble's. It is found within the self and all that is around. Magick, simply defined, the shaping of one's reality, comes down to one thing: the Will. All that is needed for a 'spell' or 'working' to work is the inflection of one's Will upon their surroundings.

One of the basics of Chaos Theory ( in Quantum Physics) is the theory of the 'Butterfly Effect', in short, a butterfly in Tokyo flaps its wings and that tiny force of air escalates into a hurricane off the shores of Hawaii. This can be simply and effectively put into Magick. Let's look at this on the molecular level. Everything and anything is connected to each other by the molecules that make up Earth, us, buildings, trees, and anything else you can imagine. If you can inflect your Will upon atleast one of these molecules it will spread your Will to everything, in turn causing the events you wanted to occur.

Then why doesn't everything I want to happen happen, you ask? Simple. For the transference of your Will to the molecular level you must have a true belief and a true desire. If you don't desire the outcome strong enough you will not get what you want. Also, your belief in what you are doing must be strong. By not believing in what you are doing it can and will not happen.

Now for the paradox...

Deities. If Magick is so simple, why are there so many complex systems based around deities? Another easy question. Deities and the rituals used in Magick are merely focusing tools to help one achieve a strong enough desire and belief in one's Will. They are nothing more than a middle man. In one sense, all these deities that people worship are running around, but in the other sense they are nothing more than archetypes created by the individual. They can be (and are) very useful, but not needed. This explains why every system works.

Q: If the only true deity in the multiverse was the Christian God, why would he allow the prayers/spells of 'heretics' to come true?
A: Because he is one in the infinite amount of existent/nonexistent deities.

There are an infinite amount of possibilities for 'rituals' and workings. From the mindlessly easy to extremely complex. The great thing about not adhering to a system based around a deity is the fact that all deities are there for you to use. Worship Kali today, tomorrow evoke Cthulhu. It's truly 'anything goes Magick'. And if you want to bypass the middleman, go right ahead. Devise a simple ritual and inflect your Will. Come on, it's easy. And besides, don't you think your deity needs a rest?

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