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Black Witchcraft
The Foundations of the Luciferian Path
by Micheal Ford

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Foundations of Black Witchcraft

The suggestions of the foundation of sorcery and cunning craft is from the earliest legends, memories and mythology of mankind. Cain who wandered east to the Land of Nod became essentially, according to the “truth of the circle” the first Satanist and Witch, whose children beget children and the blood line of the cunning were born. It is suggested in some Jewish lore that the daughters of Cain were the ones to seduce or copulate with the fallen angels, the Watchers.

It is beginning with the Watchers that the balanced aspects of Angelic and Satanic Magick are found – it is the very atavistic depths in which this bloodline still rests deep within our psyche, along with the serpents and Therion-Atavisms within our flesh. “The Book of Enoch”, translated from the Ethiopian by R.H. Charles, in the 69th Chapter, presents the names and therein sorcerous essence of the Luciferian Angels, who are the very foundation of the Arte of Magick. The mentioned Watchers who descended again to earth were: Samjaza, Artaqifa, Armen, Kokabel, Turael, Rumjal, Danjal, Neqael, Baraqel, Armaros, Batarjal, Busasejal, Hananel, Turel, Simapesiel, Tumael, Turel, Rumael, and Azazel. These are among the names of the Chiefs of the Watchers who came into flesh upon the earth. Jeqon led the others to earth to begin to lust for the daughters of Cain. Asbeel was said to have given evil council to the Sons of God, being the Watchers, that they should go forth and copulate with the daughters of Cain. Gadreel taught unto man, woman and child the blows of death and creation of armor and weapons. Penemue taught unto the wise the art of ink and writing, as well as the bitter and the sweet, good and evil. This is the spirit who gave unto the Cunning the Book of Arte, which brought forth both Demon and Angel, those hidden Therionick Forms of Darkness-made-flesh, the art of lycanthropy. Kasdeja taught men the art of working with demons and spirits, as well as abortions and the Secret art of the Noon tide Serpent, Tabaet. The Angelick spirit Kasbeel was the bringer of the Oath, when he was with the heavens, his name was known as Biqa.

I seek to mark an emphasis on the eclectic conceptual ideas of Black Witchcraft within the Circle, that all may arise from their imaginations the arcana of the Luciferic Spirit, be it of darkness or light. As the realization of initiatory experience is known by the individual, there is no longer a sense of emptiness regarding the ownership and commitment within the heart of the witch; it is known and believed according to the predilection of the Adept. The ritual workings found in the “Luciferian Witchcraft” grimoire and other collections by myself present actual workings to manifest both infernal and Luciferian spirits and atavistic shades, that the sorcerer may encircle them within his or her own arcana of practice. One may make reference as to foundation by the Goetic Sorcery grimoire, which presents a left hand path alignment with the 72 Daemons of the Shemhamforasche, but rather the rituals which prepare the magician for the summoning and encircling of such spirits. An Invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel, Azal’ucel, as well as the Invocation of the Adversary prepare the mental outlook of the magician, that rather than adopting a Christian dogma, the Daemonic spirit is illumined within through determined and willed practice. This may also make considerations for the commitment needed for this path and circle of Luciferian Witchcraft, that even within workings of light, the witch is becoming in the Blackened Flame of Azazel (in a sigillic and mantra-spoken form, Azal’ucel). This is obviously a serious point of introspection needed by the individual before pursuing, a level of skill which is almost sensed rather than learned. Here can be understood as the Calling of Witch Blood of Our Father the Devil, by Cain and Tubal Cain, Witch Initiator of the Blackened Forge and his Mother Lilith-Az, does the Initiatic Stream of the Watchers survive. Those of the Yatu – or Sorcerous Path of Ahriman within the Circle of ritual evocation, known as Azothoz, does the Therion – Atavistic shadows emerge from the darkness of flesh. Azothoz in the lore of the circle represents the Alpha and Omega, being the Beginnning and End which is also the primal current of the serpent, or Az – Azhi Dahaka, the Dragon King of Persian sorcerous lore.

The Great Work as within the model of the Witches Sabbat proves a challenging and darksome journey wherein the initiate drinks deep from the Skull Cup filled with the venom’d blood of Seth-an, who then eats of the Flesh of Abel and whose blood is offered to his own Angel-Demon, the very essence and representation of the Great Work itself. The Sabbat as being a dual participation of both dreaming and ceremonial/solitary ritual is represented as the fleshing of desire and belief, wherein the arcana of Cain is revealed to the intiate, where there is no further difference between the Great Whore Lilith-Az and Samael as the Adversary, all are one through the expanding and deification of the magician. In summary the witch becomes a vessel and expression of Ahriman and his Bride, thus the Circle of Lucifer is complete and the casting has brought forth Cain, thus the initiate is the first of Witch Blood and the Skir-hand Gnosis of Shadow and Light.

The very foundations of the Luciferian Witchcraft gnosis is found in the circle, they very place of summoning which has the scribed names of Infernal Deific forces, from Azazel to Ahriman in Ancient Persian Cruciform, to medieval Luciferic sigils which announce the embodiment of Satanic Power; our very heritage and spiritual lineage. This article is aimed at enlightening those who would condemn it first hand without the consideration for it’s deeper meaning; but it must be known that those who walk this path are considered cursed and condemned by society, once you walk the path of initiation, the Devil’s Blood is within your veins, your very shadow is the darksome dance of Daemon and Angel, Cain and Lilith.

The ritual of the Sabbat within The Order of Phosphorus is one which echoes the ancient terms and ideals which describe the rite. Some seek to leave the flesh at night and fly forth in spirit to the circle, yet others find ceremonial practice more to their liking; while others practice in solitary and their imagination opens forth the gates to the infernal and celestial gathering. In “Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches Sabbat” by Carlo Ginzburg, he describes one rite which the attributes mentioned hold resonance with not only present practice, but ancient practice as well. “the devil appeared to them in the shape of a black animal – sometimes a bear, sometimes a ram. After having renounced God, faith, baptism and the Church” and goes on to described horrific rites of cursing. Another section mentions witches wearing the skin of wolves to transform themselves. This is a process of atavistic resurgence and is still practiced today, while in the affirmation of the Devil is a deeper association to self-deification and the recognition of the conscious mind; the lycanthropy practiced is the atavistic summoning of the Therion – shades within the body and mind.

In summary Black Witchcraft can be seen as a rational and strengthening practice; that dedication requires more than curiosity and the results and benefits are known to those who are willing to instinctually dedicate themselves. The current of Luciferian Sorcery is a powerful and multicultural gnosis; it speaks to those who may hear it and uplifts those who dare practice it.

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Michael W. Ford is the Magister of The Order of Phosphorus, a closed order of solitary initiates and The Black Order of the Dragon, the inner guild based around Yatukivah – Persian and Chaos sorcery. He is the author of “Luciferian Witchcraft” which contains 12 different grimoires including the Left Hand Path Tantric Grimoire, Adamu, a forbidden book of Sexual Magick, Goetic Sorcery, a Luciferian approach to the 72 Spirits of the Shemhamforasche, Yatuk Dinoih and other works focused on the darksome rites of the path of Shadow Sorcery and so-called Skir-hand Witchcraft, introduced by Nathaniel J. Harris, a Hereditary Witch from the UK. Known as Akhtya Seker Arimanius, Ford also is the author of Liber HVHI, an explaination of the Luciferian trinity and the rituals of the Qlippoth, The Book of the Witch Moon which features an introduction by Chaos Magician Peter J. Carroll and numerous articles and essays.

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