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The Beginnings of a Non-Paradigm
Or How I Began...
by fnordboy

I stumbled upon Chaos Magick about seven years ago. I was performing rituals, with a friend of mine based on Randomness and Quantum Physics. This all grew out of my understanding of C. G. Jung's theories of Synchronicity and the Collective Unconscious.

We were using 10 sided dice mainly as a divination technique. I wont get into the details here, but if you are interested and want more info email me I will see what I can remember. The Dice were also used to perform various Magickal Workings, and we had many successes. This form of Magick we were doing was, to us; experimental… we just had fun with it at first. We took a lot from Physics books like Taking the Quantum Leap, Chaos, and a brilliant book with these cartoon illustrations of a wizard performing the said tasks (no not Taking the Quantum Leap, it was a different book in workbook style). If anyone out there knows the name of this book please email me, I must find this book again.

We spent a lot of our time running around an abandoned Funeral Home Invoking our new found god Pan, ironically enough we tapped into something there… we were using laughter as a major part of this Ritual, Which plays a major part in most Chaoists' workings. During this time I found an abundance of Synchronicities happening in my life…I had really tapped into what I needed.

Eventually, all things must end. My friend and I lost contact. I still desired to carry on the Magick, that we at that point already dubbed Chaos Magick, further. I kept at it and added a few of my own tweaks here and there to it. I was finally happy with my choice of a magickal path. There were no rules, no rituals if none wanted, and what rituals I wanted I could steal from other Belief systems. Complete Magickal freedom was mine… finally. My best sessions were the impromptu ones, I would just want to do something all of a sudden… So I did it. I used whatever I wanted to launch my will into the Aether, a cigarette, a car horn, the process of going to the bathroom… Everything worked! At this point I had already come to the realization that the only necessity in performing Magick, was a genuine belief in what you were doing. This is the reason why all paths work. Christians pray, and miracles happen for them. Wiccans offer goods to their God and Goddess and they are rewarded. They all work…its just belief. So I was content with my surroundings.

I eventually had to break down and get a real job…OH the horror… So I got a job at the world's most favorite bookstore. It was there I first became aware of Peter J Carroll's book Liber Kaos. I was amazed at how closely related my ideas were to his… My first real, solid proof of Jung's Collective Unconscious. I knew then for sure I was on the right path for me. I read anything I could find on Chaos Magick from that point on.

Now I am a happy camper. I still read whatever I can find closely related to this form of magick, because one never stops learning…we all are initiates infinitely. And I have found plenty of others who share my views on Chaos Magic. I consider myself a Chaoist with a Discordian view on things… Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

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